Vitreous body

Corpus vitreum


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Regenerants and reparants.


Preparation of vitreous body from cattle eyes.

Pharmacological action

The preparation has a stimulating action on the formation of clavus, reduces aching on damages of peripheral nerves. It smoothes healing tissues and contributes to its resorption.


The preparation is used on neurasthenia and physical overexertion, general loss of strength, asthenization, alimentary and post-infection dystrophy, neuritis, polyneuritis, radiculitis, neuralgia, phantom-limb pain, for prophylaxis of excessive  enlargement of joint tissue in the early post-operation period, for smoothing and resorbing of healing tissues, for treatment of burn, post-operation, keloid and other vast scars, joint contractures, on keratitis, ulcers and cornea burns, to enhance the formation of clavus on fractures.

Route of administration and dosage

The preparation is administered subcutaneously in the dose of 2 ml every day.

The course of treatment on neuralgia is 8—10 days, on scars, contractures and fractures – up to 25 days.

The course is recommended to be repeated in one month or later.

Side effects

Not specified.


Infection diseases, acute inflammation processes, cachexia, nephrite, nephrosclerosis, liver cirrhosis, congestive heart failure with edema, malignant tumors.


The preparation shall be prescribed with caution to patients with burdened allergy anamnesis.

Interaction with other medications

No negative developments when administered with other medications.


No cases of overdosing with the preparation “Vitreous body” have been specified yet.

Product form

Solution for injections in vials 2 ml. 10 vials in a carton.