Predstatin (lyophilized powder for preparation of solution for injections)



Pharmacotherapy group

Preparation affecting the metabolism in the prostate gland.


1 phial contains predstatin 5 mg (lyophilized powder received from the prostate gland of virile bulls and bull-calves).

Pharmacological action

Predstatin has an organotropic action onto the prostate gland. The preparation provides the reduction of edema, leucocytic infiltration and thrombosis of the prostate gland veinlets, normalizes the secretory function of epithelial cells, increases the number of lecithin seeds of acinuses stimulating the urocyst muscular tone. It reduces thrombosis and has an antiaggregation action.


Predstatin is used in adults for treatment of chronic prostatitis and post-operation complications on prostate gland.

Route and dosage

The preparation is administered intramuscularly once per each day during 5—10 days.

Before the injection lyophilized powder is diluted in 1 ml of Novocain solution 0,25—0,5%, sodium chloride isotonic solution 0,9% or water for injections.

If necessary, the course should be repeated (in 1 – 6 months).

Side effects

Allergic reactions to the preparation components.


The administration of predstatin is contraindicated on individual intolerance.

Interaction with other medications

No cases of negative impact on combined use with other medications used for treatment of chronic prostatitis and post-operation complications on the prostate gland.


Cases of overdosing have not been specified.

Product form

Lyophilized powder 5 mg for preparation of solution for injection in phials 5 ml. 5 phials in the package.