Acesole (solution for infusions)


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Detoxicants. Regulators of water-electrolytic balance and acid-base condition.

Composition of the preparation

1 liter of the solution for infusions contains: sodium chloride - 5 g, potassium chloride - 1 g, sodium acetate – 2 g.

Pharmacological action


Acesole  solution is osmotically balanced combined preparation.

The solution has disintoxication and hemodynamic effect: reduces hypovolemia, prevents blood clotting and development of metabolic acidosis, improves capillary circulation, increases diuresis.


Ions K +and Na + are not for a long remain in bloodstream, quickly distributed in all tissues of an organism. They are excreted mainly with urine, in small amounts - with excrements, sweat, tears, etc.


Apply at dehydration and intoxication of the organism, developing at various diseases (acute dysentery, alimentary toxinfection, Al-Tor cholera, etc.).

Dosage and method of administration

The balance of the introduced and lost liquid is determined each 6 hours.

Acesole solution is indicated intravenously (streamly and dropwise). Before introduction the solution is warmed to 36-38 °С.

First rehydration therapy of patients for removing from hypovolemic shock condition consists in 1-3 hours stream introduction of Acesole solution. During the first hour the solution is entered in the quantities corresponding to 7-10 % of the patient body weight. Further stream introduction is replaced by dropwise introduction. Acesole should be entered during 24-48 hours with a rate of 40-120 drops in a minute.

The total volume of the introduced solution should correspond to a volume of the lost liquid.

Special indications

Should be applied with care in patients with kidneys secretory dysfunction.

Side effects

In some cases chill and rise of temperature are possible. It is necessary to provide good treatment of transfusion systems for prophylaxis of these phenomena.

Development of hyperpotassemia, in this case preparation can be replaced with “Disole” solution before normalization of electrolytic balance.


The conditions, accompanied by hyperpotassemia, hypernatremia, overhydratation; threat of pulmonary and brain edema.

Interactions with other medicinal preparations

If necessary, it is possible to use a combination with blood transfusion, polyglucin, plasma, etc.

The form of release

Solution for infusions in 400 ml bottles.