Important meeting

In assembly hall of RUE «Belmedpreparaty» has passed a meeting with Svetlana Dmitrievna Shilova, who is the deputy of the House of Representatives of National assembly of Belarus.

Conversation has turned out thorough. Svetlana Dmitrievna – the former main obstetrician-gynecologist of Ministry of Health of Belarus. From here was a theme of conversation – health.

Today people undeservedly allocates to health a role on the second plan. We hasten in vanity of days; we try to earn money as much as it possible, we are engaged moneymaking. As a result – we forget about ourselves. Everyone should recollect when he or she had last time a rest in sanatorium or visited medical procedures. And in fact we cannot brag of ideal health at all. In the constant flow of days vital priorities are placed by itself. More often they place not in our advantage. Pool, an exercise room, a pine wood and even morning exercises – it is possible, they became for you only words? It’s time to reflect.

The workers who have come on a meeting (basically, working women) actively discussed the lifted questions and ask new themes. Everyone who wanted has received the answer.

Similar meetings on RUE «Belmedpreparaty» became a kind tradition. People show more and more interest to such meetings. Where, as not here, it is possible to ask important questions and to hear exhaustive answer from officials.