Validol (capsules 0.1 g)

Capsulae Validoli 0.1 g


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Combination products for the treatment of heart diseases. Vasodilators. Sedative agents. Antiemetic agents.


1 capsule contains 100 mg of 25% menthol solution in isovalerianic acid menthyl ether.

Pharmacological action


Its action is similar to menthol. Exhibits neuroleptic influence on the Central Nervous System, also possesses moderate reflectory vasodilatory action.

Pharmacological effect of the preparation is connected with reflex response, induced by the irritation of sensitive effectors of the mucous membrane. Due to this the product promotes stimulation and release of several physiologically active compounds (enkephalins, endorphins, dynorphins, substances of peptide nature, affecting the regulation of algesias and vascular permeability, as well as histamine and kinins). Stimulating (revulsive) effect promotes the reduction of algesia. Local action is accompanied by vasoconstriction, mild burning sensation, tingling. Reflectory changes vascular tone, both superficial and deep vessels in tissues and internal organs. By stimulating the receptors of oral cavity mucosa, causes broadening of spastic coronary vessels.


When administered sublingually it is absorbed from mouth mucosa. After the absorption it is metabolized by liver and excreted in the urine as glucuronides.


The product is indicated for management of mild episodes of angina pectoris, neuroticism, hysterical chorea, it is also used as an antiemetic during sea- and airsickness.

Administration and dosing regimen

Keep the capsules with validol in the mouth (under the tongue) until they are completely dissolved. Single dose for adults: 1 capsule 0.1 g; daily dose — 2 capsules 0.1 g. If required the daily dose can be increased.

Special indications

The preparation is efficient in treatment of headache due to nitrates intake.

Side effects

In rare cases mild nausea, lacrimation, dizziness can occur. These events usually do not require any treatment.


Individual hypersensibility to the preparation.

Drug interactions

There are no cases of negative drug interactions reported when prescribing validol during treatment with other drugs, included in well-established regimes of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


Symptoms: decrease of blood pressure. CNS depression.

Treatment: discontinuation of treatment, symptomatic therapy.

Dosage form

Capsules 100 mg. 10, 20 capsules in blisters, 50 capsules in jars. 5 blisters in a carton.