QUINTASOL (infusion solution)



Pharmacotherapeutic group

Detoxicant. Regulator of water-electrolytic balance and acid-base balance.


Quintasol is electrolytic solution containing sodium chloride 5.26 g, potassium chloride 0.37 g, calcium chloride·6Н2О 0.28 g, magnesium chloride ·6Н2О — 0.14 g, sodium acetate ·3Н2О 4.10 g, injection water — up to 1 l.

Pharmacological effect


Quintasol arrests metabolic acidosis, normalizes acid-base balance, stabilizes water exchange and electrolytic content of blood. The drug contains acetate ion metabolizing rapidly with the formation of bicarbonate.

Cation content of the solution and chloride ions correspond to electrolytic blood plasma content.

Complex crystalloid solution under i.v.injection normalizes rapidly blood plasma and intra-tissue fluid pressure osmolality, restores interstitial fluid and liquidates disorder of buffer system.


IonsK+, Na+, Mg++, Ca++areshortlyretainedinbloodstream, arerapidlydistributedinallthetissues. It is excreted mainly with urine, smaller quantities with feces, sweat, tears, etc.

Indications for usage

Quintasol is administered in adults and children as component of infusion therapy in: complex treatment of shock, complex treatment of thermal trauma, severe loss of blood, hypotonic and isotonic hypohydration and metabolic acidosis in patients with acute conditions, for correction of fluid and salt balance in acute general peritonitis and bowel obstruction, in patients with intestinal fistula under decompensation of electrolytic disorder, in patients with acute intestinal infection under dehydration and metabolic acidosis, therapeutic plasmapheresis, dialysis filtration methods.

Administration and dosage

Quintasol is administered for i.v.injections.

Daily dose in adults 5-20 ml/kg of body weigh, if necessary the dose may be increased to 30-40 ml/kg. The drug is injected at 60-80 drop rate per min., stream injection is acceptable. Daily dose in children is 5-10 ml/kg of body weigh, injection rate is 30-60 drops per min. course of treatment is usually 3-5 days.

Therapeutic plasmapheresis: inject Quintasol in double volume against removed plasma (1200—2400 ml) in combination with colloid solutions in case of marked hypovolemia.

Adverse reaction

Usually no reaction is revealed after drug infusion.

In certain cases possible chill and higher temperature. For prevention of these conditions provide adequate treatment of transinfusion systems.


Quintasol is contraindicated in alkalosis, hypertensive dehydration and if contradicted the introduction of large volumes of fluid.

Interaction with other drugs

In treatment of marked hypovolemia it is recommended to combine Quintasol with colloid solutions and with blood and its components.

Dosage form

Infusion solution in bottles, for blood and blood substitutes, 50, 100, 200 and 400 ml.