Phenibut (tablets 0.25 g)

Tabulletae Phenibuti 0.25)

International not patented name

Gamma-amino-beta-phenyl-butyrate hydrochloride

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Anxiolytics. Nootropic preparations.


1 tablet contains 250 mg of phenibut.

Pharmacologic action

Phenibut possesses some elements of nootropic activity, has tranquilizing effect, reduces tension, anxiety, enhances sleep; makes longer and stronger the soporific, narcotic, neuroleptic preparations effect. The preparation has no anti-convulsive activity.

Indications for appliance

Phenibut is applied for asthenic and worried-and-neurotic states, anxiety, uneasiness, fear, insomnia and as a tranquilizing preparation before a surgery is to be performed.

It is prescribed for Meniere’s syndrome, dizziness caused by the vestibular apparatus dysfunctioning, for preventing motion disease.

Children are prescribed the preparation in case of stammering and tics.

There is data about anti-parkinsonic drugs effect increasing under phenibut action (it conditioned by the dofamine-positive component in the preparation).

Mode of appliance and dosage regime

Phenibut is prescribed to adults to be taken after meal by 0.25 – 0.5 g 3 times a day by 2 – 3 weeks courses. In case of necessity the dose may be increased to o.75 g (persons older 60 years are allowed not more than 0.5 g at a time).

Children younger 8 years are prescribed 0.05 – 0.1 g of the preparation as a dose; from 8 to 14 years – 0.25 g. For arresting the alcoholic abstinent syndrome it is prescribed by 0.25 – 0.5 g 3 times a day and 0.75 g before sleep at the beginning of the therapy, than the dose is reduced little by little. For the motion disease preventing the preparation should be taken 1 hour before the expected beginning of the attack or with the first signs in a single dose 0.25 – 0.5 g. When the pronounced manifestations of motion disease appear (vomiting, etc.) the preparation is not efficient enough.

Special warnings

Caution should be observed while working with mechanisms.

Side effects

Phenibut is usually well tolerated. When phenibut is taken for the first time or when it is overdosed sleepiness may be observed.


Individual intolerance of the preparation, pregnancy, breast feeding, hepatic insufficiency.

Caution measures

When it is taken for long time the blood morphologic composition is necessary (eosinophilia may develop when large doses of the preparation are taken); the liver functioning indices should be controlled.

Interaction with other medicinal preparations

It enhances effects of anxiolytic, neuroleptic, soporific, narcotic and anti-convulsive preparations.

Famotidine is not recommended to be taken together with alcohol.


Symptoms: pronounced sleepiness, nausea, vomiting.

Treatment: stomach washing, vomiting induction, symptomatic therapy (no specific antidotes exist).

Dosage form

Tablets 250 mg. 10 tablets in a contour cellular pack. 2 contour cellular packs in a cartoon.