Solution «Vitaden» (eye drops)

Solutio “Vitadenum”, guttae ophtalmicae


International Non-proprietary Name

Adenosine. Nicotinic acid. Calcium chloride. Magnesium chloride.

Adenosine. Nicotinic acid. Calcium chloride. Magnesium chloride.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Agents for the treatment of eyes diseases.

Agents regulating metabolic processes.


100 mL of eye drops contain 0.30 g of magnesium chloride, 0.20 g of calcium chloride, 0.03 g of  nicotinic acid, 0.10 g of adenosine.

Pharmacological action

«Vitaden» — is a combination for topical use in ophthalmology. It enhances the metabolism and blood supply of the eye bulb. Adenosine and nicotinic acid play an important role in the energy metabolism of the lens. Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride along with adenosine and nicotinic acid due to the enhancement of lens trophism prevent the appearance of cataract and its advancement in elderly patients.


The product is used for the treatment of early stages of senile, myopic, irradiation and contusion cataracts; in moderated visual acuity decrement (not lower than 0.5).

Administration and dosing regimen

In adults: instillation into affected eye 1 - 2 drops 2 - 3 times a day. Product «Vitaden» is intended for a long-term treatment.

Special indications

In case of the advancement of the disease during therapy it is recommended to consider the appropriateness to continue the treatment.

During the treatment with «Vitaden» is it necessary to avoid usage of soft contact lens due to the hazard of benzalkonium chloride absorption.

Eye drops Vitaden should not be administered orally or as injections.

Side effects

>Allergic reactions can occur during treatment: flushing, pruritus, eyelid skin rash.


Individual hypersensitivity to any of the components of the preparation, including benzalkonium chloride.

Vitaden is not intended for the treatment of posterior subcapsular cataract.

The product is not intended for children. Safety of Vitaden during pregnancy and breast feeding is not established.

Interactions with other drugs

In case of concomitant use of Vitaden and other ophthalmological  preparations their administration should be divided by at least 15 minutes interval.


There are no reports of overdosage by this products.


Eye drops in tube-dropper of 1 mL.