Thymalinum (lyophilized powder to prepare solution for injections)


Pharmacotherapeutical group

Immunomodulator and biostimulant


A bottle contains 10 mg of Thymalinum.



Thymalinum stimulates cellular immunity (regulates the quantity and correlation of T- and B-lymphocytes, stimulates reactions of cellular immunity), increases phagocytosis, processes of regeneration and hemopoiesis in case of their depression.


There is no detailed description. Effective in parenteral use. When using perorally, it is inactivated in gastrointestinal tract quickly.


Used for adults and children as immunostimulant and biostimulant in complex therapy for diseases accompanying with depression of cellular immunity including acute and chronic purulent processes and inflammatory diseases, in burn disease, tropic ulcers and others and in depression of immunity and hemopoietic function after radiotherapy or chemotherapy for oncologic patients and in other pathologic processes. The drug is used for the prevention of inflammatory complications, depression of immunity and homopoiesis during posttraumatic and postoperational periods, for radiotherapy or chemotherapy for oncologic diseases.

There are data on Thymalinum efficiency in complex therapy for erysipelatous infections, chronic pyelonephritis, chemotherapy for pulmonary tuberculosis and other diseases.


Contents of the bottle should be diluted in 1-2 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution and mixed shaking slightly avoiding foaming to obtain even suspension.

Should be injected deep intramuscularly (avoid getting into blood vessels).For adults the drug is prescribed as 0,005—0,02 g (5—20 mg) daily (0,03—0,1 g for a course). For children under one year of age the drug is recommended to be injected as 0,001 g (1 mg), aged 1 to 3 years — 0,001—0,002 g (1—2 mg), aged 4 to 6 years — 0,002—0,003 g (2—3 mg), aged 7 to 14 years — 0,003—0,005 g (3—5 mg) for 3—10 days depending on disorder expression of immunity.

If required, the repeated course is recommended in 1—6 months.

For preventive therapy for adults should be used as 0,005—0,02 g daily, for children— 0,001—0,005 g daily for 3—5 days.


Prescription and treatment of Thymalinum should be under the control of immunologic indices.

Adverse reactions

Components of the drug may cause allergic reactions.


Hypersensitivitytoingredientsoftheproduct. Pregnancy, lactation.


With care it is used for the patients with recurrent allergoanamnesis.


May be used in combination with biostimulants and immunostimulants, Rifampicin, Isoniazid, glucocorticoid drugs.

Shouldn’t be used simultaneously with T-activinum, Thymactidum, Thymogen, Thymoptin which are of the analogous effect.


Cases of overdosage have not been described.

In animal experiments chronic injecting in high doses causes involution of thymus.


Lyophilized powder to prepare solution for injections in bottles (a bottle contains 10 mg). A pack contains 5 or 10 bottles. A pack contains 5 bottles with 5 ampoules of 2 ml 0,9% isotonic sodium chloride solution.