Sodium sulphacyl (solution 20% (eye drops)

Solutio Sulfacyli natrii 20% (guttae ophthalmicae)


International nonproprietary name


Pharmacotherapy group

Preparations for eye treatment. Antimicrobial preparations, sulfacetamides.


1 ml of solution contains 200 mg of sulfacetamide.

Pharmacology action


The preparation has a bacteriostatic action. The mechanism of action is related to competent antagonist with para-aminobenzoic acid and inhibition of dehydropteroatsynthetase, what leads to impairment of tetrahydrofolc acid synthesis necessary for purine and pyrimidine synthesis.

It is active to gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (comprising colibacillus, streptococcus, gonococcus, pneumococcus), as well as clamydia, ray funguses.


On local application the preparation penetrates into the tissues and eye fluids. It can penetrate into the systemic blood flow through inflamed conjunctiva, but because of insignificant amount of the preparation the systemic effect is not determined.


The preparation is used in the following cases: purulent ulcer of the cornea, conjunctivitis, blepharitis; gonorrheal eye diseases in newborns and adults; prophylaxis of blennorrhea in newborns.

Route of administration and dosage

The preparation is instilled into the conjunctival sac in the quantity of 1- 2 drops of the solution (10-20 mg sulfacetamide) 5 — 6 times a day, for children -- 1 drop of the solution (10 mg of sulfacetamide) 3—6 times a day. For prophylaxis of blennorrhea in newborns the preparation is instilled in the quantity of 1 drop of the solution (10 mg of sulfacetamide) in each eye three times with the interval of 10 minutes.


In patients with higher individual sensitivity to furosemide, thiazide diuretics, derivative sulfonylurea or carbonic anhydrase, higher sensitivity to sodium sulfacyl may develop.

Side effects

On use of the preparation local irritation of the tissues is possible (short-time burning, reddening, edema, allergic reactions.


Higher individual sensitivity to sulfacetamide preparations.


The preparation is used with caution with burdened allergy anamnesis.


Simultaneoususewithprocaineandtetracainereducesbacteriostaticeffectofsodiumsulfacyl. Intoleranceofsodiumsulfacylwithsilversaltsisobservedonsimultaneoususe.


Symptoms: tissue irritation (burning, reddening, edema, colic, epiphora).

Treatment: the dose of the preparation shall be reduced, the interval of instillation of eye drops shall be prolonged, or the administration of the preparation shall be stopped.