Reparaef-1 (ointment)

Unguentum Reparaef-1



Dermatotropic agents. Medical products for wounds and ulcers curing. Medical products for local application when curing oral cavity diseases.


1 g of the ointment contains 100 mg of bien and 5 mg of dioxidin.



Reparaef-1 is a wound-healing and anti-burn medical product; it produces regenerative and reparative effects.

The effective agent of the ointment Reparaef-1 is bien, a complex of ethers of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is stabilized with α-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E). Bien contains essential fatty acids - arachidonic acid (precursor of prostaglandins and leukotrienes), oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid (vitamin F) which are the most important components of biological membranes and a source of cells and tissues bioregulators. Poly ethylene oxide ointment base, which has high level of hydrophilism, provides an increase of bien bioavailability and an anti-aquatic effect when applying the ointment on wet wounded or burnt surface, mucous membranes, reinforces wound-healing effects of the medical product during the first stage of a wound process. The ointment usage by the sick with erosions and canker of oral cavity mucous membranes reinforces lessening of pain syndrome, inflammatory processes, erythema, accelerating of epithelization and faster healing.


It is practically not soaked in uninjured skin and mucous membranes and it doesn’t come upon the systemic blood flow. It is soaked in uninjured skin and mucous membranes in small quantities.


Septic wounds, burns of different aetiology and localization, bedsore, trophic ulcers.

Erosions and canker of oral cavity mucous membranes (traumatic cankering; red border labial fissure; lichen planus, manifestations in oral cavity, labial fever blister (relapsing), herpetic gingivostomatitis on the stage of proliferation; relapsing aphthaes of oral cavities; multiform erythema, manifestations in oral cavity).

Method of application and dosage regimen

The ointment Reparaef-1 is applied with a thin coat on the surface of a wound, ulcer or burn after its primary surgical debridement and (or) washing with anti-infective agents. A sterile gauze bandage sodden with the ointment from inside is applied over. Depending on the state and area of the wounds the application is repeated 1-2 times a day during 4-5 days. In order to correct the shifts of lipidic exchange when there are burns, the medical product “bien in capsules” is prescribed for ingestion (0,4-0,6 g 3 times a day) together with the ointment usage.

For curing erosions and canker of oral cavity mucous membranes, the ointment Reparaef-1 is applied like an application (on cotton or gauze plates) on erosive and ulcerous surfaces of oral cavity mucous membranes 3-4 times a day before the completion of epithelization (7-15 days). Duration of application is 5-7 minutes.


It doesn’t influence negatively on drivers’ work, whose profession is connected with high attention concentration. It is used with caution in accordance with medical indications and under doctoral control during pregnancy and the period of breast-feeding. It is possible to use for children as a regenerative and reparative device.


In some cases after the beginning of curing with the ointment Reparaef-1 the transient feeling of slight burning is possible.


Heightened sensibility to bien and other components of the medical product.


The medical product does not require some special precautions.


The cases of negative drug interaction by using the ointment Reparaef-1 are not noted against a background of therapy by antiseptics, antiviral agents, antibiotics, analgesics, nonsteroidal and steroidal antiphlogistic agents and other medical products, included in the agreed scheme of curing of wound and ulcero-necrotic affection of skin and mucous membranes, burns and frostbites. The ointment Reparaef-1 is used on the last stage of local treatment in 5-10 minutes after application of the previous medical product. Food and beverages intake is recommended not earlier than in 1-1,5 hours.


The cases of overdosage while using the ointment Reparaef-1 are not described.

Form of output

15 g in tubes. Every tube together with an instruction is put into a package.