Oxolin ointment 0,25%

Unguentum Oxolini 0,25%


International unlicensed name


Pharmacotherapy group

Antimicrobial medicine for external use only. Antiviral medicine.

Composition 1 g of ointment contains 2,5 mg of oxolin.


The therapeutic action is provided by oxolin that has a wide range of antiviral activity. In conditions in vitro on application of the medicine in relatively low concentrations (0,05—0,1%) 1 hour before the infection, it has an apparent inhibiting effect on reproduction of influenza virus, Herpes simplex, Herpes zoster, adenovirus; especially active towards the influenza virus: in the concentration of 10 mkg/ml inhibits completely the reproduction of influenza virus in the diploid cell culture. Oxoline in higher concentrations (1% and more) is effective in relation to mediators of virus skin diseases (herpes simple and zoster, flat verruga, verruga vulgaris, molluscum verrucosum).

The mechanism of oxolin antiviral activity is provided either by its immediate effect on the intensity of virus reproduction, or by mediate action through host cells — via RNA synthesis depression in infected cells that prevents virus generation.


Incaseoflocalapplicationintheformof 0,25% ointmentoxolinisabsorbedinsignificantlyanddoesnothaveanapparentsystemiceffectontheorganism.



Oxolin ointment 0,25% shall be prescribed for influenza prophylaxis and for treatment of viral aetiology rhinitis.


Locally. For individual influenza prophylaxis the ointment shall be put onto the pituitary membrane two time a day (in the morning and in the evening) every day in the period of epidemic influenza episode (within 25 days) or in case of a contact with a sick.

For treatment of viral rhinitis the ointment shall be put onto the pituitary membrane 2 – 3 times a day during 3 – 4 days.

Special indications

Oxolin ointment 0,25% is not prescribed for viral eye lesions.


In several cases hyperemia and mucous membrane itching, burning of short duration, rhinorrhea are possible in the place of ointment application. These symptoms pass without additional treatment or termination of the medicine application.


High individual hypersensitivity to the medicine.


No negative effects on the simultaneous use with other medications have been registered.


Cases of overdosing of 0,25% oxolin ointment have not been specified.


Tubes of 15 g. Each tube with application data-sheet is placed in a container.