Nystatinum (coated tablets, 500000 UNITS)


International Nonproprietary name


Pharmatherapeutic Group

Antifungal drug.

Farmacoceutical Formulation

1 coated tablet contains 500000 units of nystatin.

Pharmacological Action


Nystatin has an antifungal, fungistatic, fungicidal action.

Nystatin relates to polyene antibiotic group. It’s structure has molecules with big quantities of double bonds, stipulating for high tropicity of agent to stearic formations of thyroplasma membrane of fungi. As a result molecule is  embedded into the cell membrane with formation of  a quantity of cannels promoting to  uncontrolled transport of water, electrolytes and nonelectrolytes. The cell losses resistance to attacks of outside osmotic forces and is lysed. Nystatin is active to yeast-like fungus of Candida and Aspergillus generation.

Tolerance progress to nystatin of sensitive fungus is very slow.


The preparation is poorly absorbed in gastrointestinal tract. The main quantity of intaken drug  is fecal exctreted, during the period of lactation small quantities are secreted with  breast milk. Nistatin has no accumulated properties.

Therapeutic Indications

Nistatin is used at candidosis of mucous tunic of oral cavity, genital organs, gastrointestinal tract, skin.  

With the aim of prophylactics nistatin is prescribed for prevention of candidosis for long-term treatment with antibacterial agents, especially for emaciated and weakened patients.

Direction for Use and Dosage Schedule

Nistatin is taken irrespective of food intake.Nistatin tablets are swallowed without chewing.

Adults are prescribed in dosage of 500000 UNITS 3-4 times a day. Daily dose of preparation is from 1500000 to 3000000 UNITS. At generalized candidosis daily dose may be increased to 4000000-6000000 UNITS.

Children under 1 year are prescribed in dosage of 100000-125000 UNITS 3-4 times a day, from 1 year to 3 years – in dosage of 250000 UNITS 3-4 times a day, over 13 year – in dosage of 250000-500000 UNITS 3-4 times a day.

Duration of treatment course is 10-14 days. If necessary, the course of medical treatment may be repeated in a week.

Particular Indications

At fungus infection of vagina it is recommended to conduct a simultaneous treatment of sexual partner. During treatment sexual contacts should be avoided.

Adverse Reaction

Using of nistatin may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains, allergic reactions such as skin itch  and appearance of skin rash, fever, febrile chill.

In such cases dose should be reduced or the drug should be temporarily withdrawn.


Increased individual sensitivity to the preparation, compromised liver function,  pancreatitis.

gastric and duodenal ulcer, pregnancy, lactation (it is required to inhibit breast-feeding).

Interaction with other drugs

At simultaneous using of nistatin with clotrymasol the activity of the latter is lowered.

Form of  Production

Coated tablets, 500000 UNITS. 20 tablets in gallipots. 10 tablets in contour cellular packs. 2 contour cellular packs in a packet.