Echingin (tablets)

Tabulettae “Echingin”


Pharmacotherapeutic group

General restorative agents and immunoadaptogens.

Composition of the preparation

1 tablet contains: ginseng roots - 15 mg; Echinacea purple herb - 200 mg.

Pharmacological action

“Echingin’ tablets are referred to pharmacotherapeutical group of general restorative agents and immunoadaptogens. Biological action of the preparation is caused by presence of ginseng panaoxasides and polysaccharides, derivatives of caffeic acid (echinacozide, cinarine) and nonsaturated Echinacea alkylamides, and also tannins, sterols and other organic and inorganic components of ginseng and echinacea. It possesses adaptogenic, immunostimulating and general restorative properties. It has stress-protective, nootropic and anxiolytic action, increases physical tolerance, promotes maintenance and restoration of working capacity and immunity at high exercise stresses.


“Echingin’ tablets are used in adults as treatment-and-prophylactic adaptogen and general restorative agents, at intensive and long psychological stresses with the purpose of rapid and full restoration of working capacity, at asthenic signs of various genesis, during reconvalescence after chronic diseases, in patients with initial displays of cerebral circulation failure (depression of working capacity, undue fatiguability, disturbances of memory and attention). The preparation is used also with the preventive purpose at first signs of catarrhal diseases, in the most critical seasons, at carrying out of antibioticotherapia, radio- and chemotherapies and other conditions, accompanied by decrease of immune system functions.

Dosage and method of administration

The preparation should be taken per orally per 1 tablet 2 times a day, in first half of day after meal. If necessary, in case of by-effects absence (sleep disturbance), the individual dose can be increased (2 tablets 2-3 times a day). Duration of a course is 2-3 weeks. If necessary after consultation of the doctor the repeated courses of treatment or preventive intake are possible.

Special indications

The preparation does not influence on ability to control vehicles. Does not refer to dope agents and does not cause physical and mental dependence.

Side effects

At long use, as well as at use in the doses exceeding recommended, the increase of arterial pressure, headache is possible.


Hypertensia, cardiac activity disturbances, the expressed atherosclerosis, the raised nervous irritability, sleeplessness, pregnancy, lactation period, system diseases at which use of immunostimulasting agents is not recommended. It is counter-indicative to children under 12 years.

Safety measures

It is not necessary to intake before sleep or simultaneously with preparations from psychostimulants group.

Interactions with other medicinal preparations

Intensifying of effects can be observed at psychostimulants administration.


Sleep disturbances are possible at overdosage.

The form of release

Tablets. 10 tablets in a blister. 20 tablets in a vial.