Dermaref (ointment)

Unguentum Dermaraef


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Dermatotropic drug.


Preparation composition

1 g of the ointment contains 50 mg of bien.


Pharmacologic action

A preparation for managing allergic dermatoses. The active agent of the ointment is BIEN – a complex of ethyl poly-unsaturated fatty acids having a hypoallergic and corrugating effects and stimulating reparative processes. The emulsion basis provides emollient and hydrating effects. The ointment removes the skin hyperemia and edema, normalizes its temperature, makes the skin folds thinner, restores the initial parameters of the dermal integument.


The dermaref clinical efficiency is higher than that of non steroid anti-inflammatory ointments.


When compared with similar local preparations (corticosteroids containing ointments) dermaref has a number of advantages: it does not exert allergic local and general reactions; it does not cause the skin athrophy, perioral dermatitis, acne, hirsutism.



Atopic dermatitis, neurodermitis not atopic form, not exacerbated chronic eczema, allergic dermatitis, vulgar contact dermatitis.


Mode of application and dosing regime

A thin layer of the ointment is put on the skin areas impaired and is rubbed in carefully. Applications are made 2 times a day during 10 – 15 days. When the skin impairment is extended or in case of chronic dermatitis the ointment should be applied for 20 – 25 days, In case of allergic and vulgar contact dermatitis – for 6 – 10 days.


Side effects

In rare cases light pruritus, burning, moderate hyperemia are possible. When side effects develop the ointment appliance should be stopped for 1 – 2 days; a histamine drug (suprastin, tavegil, fenkarol, gismanal, claritin), desensitivizing drugs (calcium gluconate per os 500 mg 3 times a day or 20% solution of sodium tiosulphate per os 1 tablespoon 3 times a day) should be prescribed. After the prutitus, burning in the foci of the impairment have stopped the dermaref local appliance may be continued.



Eczema at the exacerbation stage when the skin areas impaired become wet; skin syphilitic changes, tuberculosis of the skin, skin viral diseases, skin mycotic diseases.


Interaction with other medicines

No cases of a negative interaction with other medicines are described when dermaref ointment is applied on the background of treating by medicines included into the conventional schemes approved for managing allergic dermatoses.



No cases of dermaref ointment overdosing are described.


Dosage form

5% ointment. 15g in glass pots or alluminium tubes. 0.5 kg in pots with necks for screwing.