Cefotaxime sodium, powder for solution for injection 500mg and 1000mg




Composition: eachvialcontains:

active substance:cefotaximesodium (equivalent to cefotaxime) – 1000 mg.

Indication for use

Cefotaxime is used in case of grave infectious inflammatory diseases caused by sensitive microorganisms:

  • respiratory tract and ENT organ infections (except those caused by enterococci);
  • infections of urinary and bile-excreting tracts, pelvis minor organs and obstetric-gynecologic infections (pyelitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, endometritis, chlamidiosis and gonorrhea, including that caused by penicillinase  releasing microorganisms);

  • skin and soft tissue infections (including wound, burn and post-surgery infections);
  • bone and joint infectious inflammatory diseases (including osteomyelitis);
  • bacteriemia, septicemia and endocarditis;
  • intraabdominal infections and peritonitis;
  • bacterial meningitis (except listeriosis one);
  • infections against the background of immunodeficiency conditions;
  • Lyme disease and typhoid fever;
  • for pre - and post-surgery period surgical infection prevention.


АТС code


Pharmaceutical form

powder for solution for injection 1000 mg

Storage conditions

Store in protected from moisture and light place at temperature below 25°C.