RUE «Belmedpreparaty» – the participant of the republican conference

Republican scientifically-practical conference «Photodynamic therapy of diseases of a retina» took place on October, 2nd on the basis of the Belarus state medical university.

Conference was organized by faculty of ophthalmology of the Belarus state medical university (manager of faculty prof. Marchenko L.N.), Ministry of Health of Belarus. Here actual problems of ophthalmology, results and features of a technique of application of photodynamic therapy were discussed.

Leading ophthalmologists of the country have gathered for conferences for discussion of modern approaches to treatment of malignant tumours and of some not oncological diseases by means of photodynamic therapy. A perspective sensitizer for PhDT is the original medical product «Photolon» which are developed and let out on RUE «Belmedpreparaty».

The Belarus and Russian experts save already up enough wide experience on application of a medical product «Photolon» in treatment of patients with tumours of a leather and mucous membranes of hollow bodies, some ophthalmologic diseases and of some precancer pathologies. Results of the lead researches already received a high estimation of the international scientific community. So, for example, in June 2009 in Seattle took place the XII World congress of the International Association of Photodynamic therapy (IPA), on which the international scientific committee appreciated the report of expert of RUE «Belmedpreparaty» «the Direct and remote results of an estimation of efficiency and safety of a photosensitizer of Photolon: 7-years experience of clinical application» as the best message of the congress.

At conference of ophthalmologists these results have been presented in the report of the deputy the general director concerning innovative development RUE «Belmedpreparaty» Tatyana Truhacheva «the Photosensitizer on the basis of khlorin Е6 Photolon. Experience of creation and introduction in a clinical practice».

Before the beginning of conference and during its carrying out in a hall before an assembly hall with the information stands and advertising production representatives of the various pharmaceutical companies were placed: RUE «Belmedpreparaty», UE «Minskintercaps», «Pfizer», «Santen», etc. Such exhibition was a success not only at participants and observers of conference, but also at students BSMU, in fact here it was possible to get acquainted more close with production and to receive answers to the questions at representatives of the companies.

RUE «Belmedpreparaty» is the only manufacturer of medical products in the form of eye drops in Belarus. Also at the enterprise the original medical product for treatment of the diseases caused by a virus of a herpes is developed, patented and made. Its name is the ointment Nucleavir, 3 %.

To experts in the field of ophthalmology RUE «Belmedpreparaty» have offered the new booklet «Medical products RUE «Belmedpreparaty» for ophthalmology».