Successful "Medicine"

наши экспонаты наши экспонаты наши экспонаты

17-th international specialized exhibition «Medicine 2009» which was organized by Joint-Stock Company «MinskExpo» has finished the work.

наши экспонаты наши экспонаты наши экспонаты

A plenty of subjects has involved visitors: medical equipment, laboratory equipment and laboratory medicine, stomatology and stomatological laboratories, pharmacology, the equipment for polyclinics, hospitals and sanatoria, the medical literature and manuals – these and other medical spheres represented the achievements on court of spectators.

наши экспонаты наши экспонаты наши экспонаты

Everyone interested visitors as could. RUE «Belmedpreparaty» during all days of an exhibition not only represented production, but also spent for the consumers sessions of musical therapy. Violinist Svetlana Kradina and saxophonist Jury Kljaus made visitors (and exhibitors) of exhibition happy with their musical talents. Curious people stopped and listened, thanked for such meeting and pleasure by music, in parallel were interested in new preparations and were reserved by the additional printed information on production of the leading pharmaceutical enterprise of the country.

наши экспонаты наши экспонаты посетители

RUE «Belmedpreparaty» could satisfy inquiries of all categories of visitors. Students of medical institutions of formation wished to get acquainted more close with all preparations, pharmacists were more interested in new preparations, mums were interested in preparations for treatment of children, pensioners – medical products for joints. Representatives of the enterprise have answered everyone.

посетители посетители посетители

Smiles did not descend from the faces of the representatives of the companies and visitors, and it means, that the exhibition has gone right.

посетители наши сотрудники музыкальное сопровождение

All are interested in such exhibitions: the enterprises have an opportunity more close to get acquainted with the consumer, to learn its preferences and a wish, to get acquainted with other manufacturers of branch more close and to clear the subsequent strategy of development, to adjust cooperation. The consumer, in turn, has an opportunity in more details to familiarize with the offered goods, not being limited to advice of one person.

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